Season of Hay Fever

This year it is said that hay fever will be the second tragedy after the influenza epidemic. This year it is expected that the splashing of cedar pollen is intense and the scattering time is expected to be long, and it is expected that a large number of patients with severe hay fever symptoms are expected to occur than in the past.

For hay fever, preventive measures are important first. When going out, wear masks only for hay fever, wear sunglasses, of course, please wear nylon, vinyl based slippery material on the outermost side. Woolen and woolen products are particularly sticky to pollen, so it is strictly prohibited to go out with a sweater or a cardigan for a while. When going out, please pay the things that were wearing outside on the outside, please hang it at the entrance and do not bring it in the house. For this period, please wash your hay fever, dry in the room or use a dryer. Just because the weather is nice, it is also an idea to dry your futons. If it dries, please put the vacuum cleaner on the veranda often before you load it, please put it in the room.

And if the symptoms of hay fever such as runny nose, stuffy nose, eye itching, eczema, sore throat, cough etc are clear, we need diagnosis and medication as early as possible. How much we can suppress this year’s allergy depends on how much we can not bother with allergies after next year. Progression from hay fever to bronchial asthma has also increased in recent years. Even with hay fever, it can not be reached in the world of allergy. Diagnosis is the easiest way to understand the strength of allergy and the causes of allergy by blood test. As a treatment recently, a medicine for excellent pollinosis called the second generation antihistamine was developed. Several kinds of new medicines that do not induce drowsiness and maintain their efficacy firmly are on sale this season. Depending on the strength of the symptoms, you need to use steroids as local nasal drops. If you have any symptoms, please consult as soon as possible.

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Signs of Influenza Pandemic

Illustration of a group of flu viruses (influenza)

The season of influenza came this year. Moreover, as this year’s drying is strong, it has become a cold winter, so it seems that the outbreak of fashion is earlier than usual. Normally, even in the year of influenza epidemic, we heard reports of slightly influenza-positive patients in December, and the number of patients increases from mid-January to February, and it will become a major outbreak. However, this time in the middle of December the number of patients has been reported in Tokyo. Moreover, until now, it has become a B type epidemic since the epidemic of influenza A finished at the same time, but this time B type precedes and as of the end of December the B type is overwhelmingly B type is A type Many have been reported. B type may not be accompanied by high fever that seems to be influenza, and discovery may be delayed in some cases. The characteristic of type B is that gastrointestinal symptoms are strong, but if you feel that it is a little heavy for a normal cold, please do not hesitate to see a medical institution.

Whether or not it is influenza now can be examined easily with a kit by using specimens exploded from nasal mucus or pharyngeal mucus as well as blood tests. However, although it is not possible to distinguish between type A or type B from this kit, there is no difference in treatment methods using antiviral drugs which are currently most effective. Since it is said that it is effective for this special bulk drug to be used within 48 hours from the fever, it is important that the judgment of influenza is made promptly. At this stage, type B currently in trend is consistent with this year’s vaccine, and those who were vaccinated a little relieve please. If you are just vaccinated, please thoroughly prevent preventive measures until the time the vaccine begins to be effective enough. And since other cold viruses are in fashion, please do not mind gargling, hand washing, keeping room humidity, regular life, sufficient sleep and nutrition prevention everyone.

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