What Do Entertainment Lawyers Do?

One of the key duties of entertainment lawyers is to review and negotiate contracts and deals involving people from the entertainment industry. They typically spend their day meeting with clients, labels, other lawyers, and other professionals in the industry. They are also skilled and experienced in drafting arrangements, booking agents, or preparing concert and production deals. In many instances, entertainment lawyers are hired by artists and celebrities to handle the legal aspect of their career. 

As entertainment lawyers in Hong Kong put it, the entertainment industry is diverse and wide in scope. This is why lawyers have to have knowledge in a full range of entertainment-related concerns such as: 

  • Movie production

  • International film distribution

  • Free and cable TV

  • Video distribution

  • Music recording and publishing

  • Artist management

  • Content licensing

If you are in the entertainment industry, it is important to have an entertainment lawyer on your side, so you can make the right decisions for your career. For instance, it is very important to have your contracts reviewed and analyzed by your lawyer before you affix your signature on the dotted lines. Keep in mind that even contracts that highlight your best interests as a talent may have included some unfavorable conditions that you may overlook. If you are a producer or composer, an entertainment lawyer should also help protect your intellectual properties.

As legal representatives of actors, entertainment attorneys work closely with agents for terms concerning upcoming projects. They talk to the actor’s agents and producers about matters regarding actor’s compensation. They may also work as liaison between the talent and other professionals such as those in charge with tax and representatives of networks and venues. Due to this nature of work, many attorneys also work as agents, managers or publicists.

Entertainment lawyers play a big role in keeping the rights of entertainers and those who work behind the scene protected at all times. Without them, the entertainment industry would probably be in chaos.

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